Short Term Business Finance for Constant Support of Cash Flow

Globalloan Funds comes with various short-term funding options that will assist you with the long-term requirements of your business. You can select the fixed and variable interest rate amount to balance out the security and flexibility. The term for these loans varies from 1 month to 3 years.

Different Types of short term business loans

Do you immediately need some cash to maintain the workflow in your business, you can apply for the following short-term funding from Globalloan Funds.

● Secured Short term loans

We offer secured short-term funds against your plant, company, machinery, vehicle, or house as security. The amount is dependent on the credit history and the security valuation of the borrower. Based on the collateral given against the loan, we will decide the repayment terms and the interest rates for the funds.

● Unsecured short term loans

We offer unsecured short-term funds starting from 5000 to 100000 dollars with a loan term from 3 to 36 months. You can redraw and repay the unsecured business loan any time and can use the money whenever you like. If you are trading for the past six months and can provide the detailed bank statement of the company, you can get any amount you can qualify for secured short-term loans.

● Invoice Finance

We offer competitively priced and easy-to-implement facilities for invoice finance. It unblocks the ledger cash flow of the borrower and is customized only for you. Our business can also provide solutions for the start-ups and offers the required money they need. With no implementation of contract terms and long-term obligations, invoice finance is the best short-term finance solution for you.

● Fixed interest rate short term loan

In this loan option, you will know the interest rate, as it will be fixed for the entire loan term. However, you might have to pay a fee for early repayment of the loan amount if you make any changes in this period.

● Variable short term loan

Here, you can make an additional repayment whenever you want with no extra charges. The interest rate can increase or decrease with the market and can convert to a fixed interest rate at any time.

How to Structure your short term business finance

You can structure the short-term business loans in the following ways.

● Interest-only Funding

The loan amount will not decrease as here you will pay only the interest on a monthly basis. Thus, at the end of the term, you have to pay the entire amount in full or renegotiate for it.

● Capitalised Loans

Capitalised loans allow you to add all the fees and interest on to the net loan funds and repay them at the end of the term, this is normally 1 – 6 months. There are no monthly repayments required and the total loan advance is repaid when the loan expires. This option is great for cash flow.

Why Select Loans One for short-term business loans?

Loans One delivers faster turnaround and smart products to all the borrowers. If you also want to get the best outcome, we are one of the best organizations that specialize in the financial needs of various small, medium, and enormous businesses. The reasons to select Loans One over other organizations are as follows.

● Individual and Customized support

To us, relationships with our customers always matter the most. You can contact us directly by filling the online form on our website or calling us. There are no multiple persons or call centers who will distract you from the objective of getting short-term business finance. Only one expert will understand your situation and customize the solution as per your necessities.

● Superfast turnaround time

You can get the emergency short-term business loans within one to 2 business days. We will have funds in your account immediately upon signing of loan contracts.

● Partnering with the Borrower

We always work hand in hand with our borrowers to resolve all their financial problems by accepting their applications for short-term business finance.

So call us or apply online to talk to one of our finance specialists to understand the best possible short-term funding solutions.

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